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How Do I Find The Right Wedding DJ?

Finding the right DJ for your special day can be tricky, I know from experience!

I'm Joe Carter, I've been a DJ for 15 years. I've played at a whole host of festivals including Glastonbury and Bestival, numerous bars and clubs around the country and over the years, I've provided the music at plenty of weddings. Yet even I remember finding it tough to get the right DJ for my own special day!

Why should I choose a DJ over a band?

In an ideal world you might want both but if you have to choose one, a DJ will more-often-than-not be more cost effective, provide a continuous evening of music and can adapt the music to suit the audience.

Is it really worth paying for someone or should I just put on a playlist?

Whilst a playlist is great for background music during your champagne reception or wedding breakfast, you really can't beat a professional DJ choosing the music during your evening celebrations. They are able to react to the audience and select the right songs for your evening to make it a memorable one - they will use their expertise to choose from a library of high quality audio, maintain the volume, mix the music seamlessly and can also add a real sparkle and personality to the evening.

How do I know I'll like the music?

You can often tell straight away from looking at a website whether you'll like the service/music and DJ supplies. Is their website up-to-date? Do they have plenty of positive testimonials? Do they do any gigs outside of weddings? Do they say what genres they play?

A good DJ will always arrange to meet or at least exchange a phone call or two to discuss what is right for YOU and your big day. They are musical experts in their own right but they should also be able to fit around you and what you like. It can really help a DJ if you draw a little list of songs/artists/genres you like and songs/artists/genres you dislike or don't want to hear. That way, they can build around that and play exactly the kind of music you want.

Joe's Top Tip:

Give your DJ a head's up by supplying them with a like/dislike list. Example below (from our wedding!):

Music Hollie and I like:

Chic - Good Times

Anything by Michael Jackson

Early Stevie Wonder

Diana Ross - I'm Coming Out

Some 2000's Indie at the end (Arctic Monkeys etc.)

Music Hollie and I don't want to hear:

Drum and Bass

Classic Cliché wedding music - Come on Eileen/ABBA etc.

Pharrell Williams - Happy

Nothing too sweary (We don't want to offend the grandparents)

Our First Dance

How Can I make sure my DJ is the right kind of person?

Simply, the best way is to meet them or at least speak to them on the phone and see what first impressions they give you.

I hope this has been helpful to you! If you have any comments or questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch.


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